Grow Local with DHL Garden Supply


DHL is Durango, Colorado’s only year round garden supply store, established in 2012 and locally owned. We pride ourselves on our extensive selection of growing supplies for indoor and outdoor gardening. We have all your basic garden needs met from seed to harvest with products ranging from premium quality growing media, fertilizers, dry soil amendments, natural and organic pesticides and fungicides, hydroponics and irrigation equipment, lighting components, HVAC and environmental control items, all the way to hard goods such as plant containers, saucers, stakes, trellis, harvest tools, storage solutions and so much more.

We carry the industry’s top brands such as General Hydroponics, Botanicare, CANNA, FoxFarm, Cutting Edge Solutions, Roots Organics, Advanced Nutrients, Down To Earth, and Age Old, plus many more.

We also have home brew and mushroom cultivation supplies as well as a large selection of vegetable, flower, herb, cover crop, micro greens, and sprouting seeds.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always happy to assist you, whether you are new to gardening or operate a commercial growing business. Did we mention we offer volume and bulk discounts for large purchases? Stop by the shop to see our year round display gardens as well as our product selection!